Viral Sensation: Top Executive’s Handwritten Resignation Letter Shakes the Internet

In a surprising turn of events in the corporate world, a two-paragraph handwritten resignation letter by a top executive has taken the internet by storm. Rinku Patel, the Chief Financial Officer at Mitshi India, submitted his resignation letter to the managing director on December 15, and the note has since gone viral.

What makes this resignation letter stand out is not just the departure of a high-profile executive but the manner in which it was penned. The letter, composed on a ruled sheet resembling a page from a child’s notebook, marks a departure from the standard A4 size plain paper typically used for official correspondence. In an age dominated by emails and digital communication, the handwritten nature of the letter adds an element of surprise.

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The content of the letter is concise and to the point. It states, “With respect, I hereby inform you that I will be resigning from the job of CFO with immediate effect due to my personal reasons. It was a great pleasure and an excellent experience working for your organization.”

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) contributed to the letter’s widespread visibility by sharing it on its website. Mitshi India Ltd, the company in question, acknowledged Rinku Niket Patel’s resignation in an official intimation, citing personal reasons for his departure. The company, valued at ₹19 crores, is currently in the process of appointing a new Chief Financial Officer, and updates regarding the new appointment will be communicated to the stock exchanges once the position is filled.

The unique blend of a handwritten note from a high-ranking executive in the digital age has captured the attention of online audiences, sparking conversations about the personal touch in professional communications. The unexpectedness of such a departure method has contributed to the letter’s viral status, making it a notable moment in the world of corporate resignations.

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