Bank Holidays December 2023: Will Banks be Open on Christmas 2023? Check the Full List

"Bank Holidays December 2023 Calendar

As the joyous season of Christmas approaches and the excitement for the upcoming year 2024 builds up, it’s essential to be aware of the bank holidays that might affect your plans. With Christmas falling on December 25, many are curious about whether banks will remain open during the holiday season in 2023.

According to the Reserve Bank of India’s official list of bank holidays, all banks will be closed nationwide on December 25, Monday, in observance of Christmas. Additionally, December 23 marks the fourth Saturday, a routine bank holiday as per regulatory rules. As December 24 falls on Sunday, the Christmas weekend extends to December 26 and 27.

While the majority of states follow this pattern, it’s crucial to note that some regions celebrate extended Christmas festivities. For instance, Nagaland’s capital, Kohima, will continue its Christmas celebrations on December 26 and 27 (Monday and Tuesday). Similarly, banks in Mizoram’s capital Aizawl and Meghalaya’s capital Shillong will remain closed on December 26 due to prolonged Christmas observances.

Bank holidays vary across regions, with some being observed nationwide and others as local holidays. While most Indian cities will only experience bank closures on December 25, certain northeastern cities enjoy an extended celebration, resulting in a two-day closure.

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Here is a snapshot of bank holidays in December 2023:

  • State Inauguration Day/Indigenous Faith Day: December 1
  • Feast of St. Francis Xavier/Cyclone Michaung: December 4
  • Cyclone Michaung: December 5
  • Pa-Togan Nengminja Sangma: December 12
  • Losoong/Namsoong: December 13
  • Losoong/Namsoong: December 14
  • Death Anniversary of U SoSo Tham: December 18
  • Goa Liberation Day: December 19
  • Christmas: December 25
  • Christmas Celebration: December 26
  • Christmas: December 27
  • U Kiang Nangbah: December 30

It’s worth noting that during bank holidays, online and mobile banking facilities remain accessible. However, if your tasks necessitate a visit to the nearest bank branch, you’ll need to wait until the banks resume regular services after the holidays.

Stay informed about the holiday schedule to plan your financial activities accordingly during this festive season.

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