India should grow fastest in 7 top emerging economy – World Bank

India is expected to be the fastest growing economy of the seven largest emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs) the World bank has said in a largest report.

  1. Growth of India…
    The world bank said growth in India is projected to slow from 8.7% in FY22 to 6.9% in FY23. The slowdown in global economy and raising uncertainty will weigh on export and investment growth. Governments in creased infrastructure spending and various businesses facilities measures will crowd-in private investment and support the expansion of manufacturing capacity.
  2. Potential rate…
    Growth is projected to slow for 6.6% in FY24 before falling back towards its potential rate of just above 6% the world Bank said in its Global Economic prospects report.
  3. Growth in decades
  4. The multilateral agency also cut global growth forecast sharply for 2023 to 1.7% the third weakest peace of growth in three decades.

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