Weekly Horoscope: Check astrological prediction of your Business By Mr. Vipin…


Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER ONE Born 1,10,19,28)

Do not be frustrated if things do not move forward fast enough for you. You are bound to see the results of all the hard work that you have put in the past. Professionally this week is good for you in terms of growth and promotions. Also an old feud with someone might get resolved giving you peace of mind. Try and relax as much as possible as the week ahead could be quite hectic for you.

Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER TWO Born 2,11,20,29)

People related to the field of education will have an exceptionally good time. People who have been jobless for a while now can expect suitable employment with a decent salary. Some of you will be pro-occupied with savings and investments this week and there are chances of you getting some very good opportunities for investing. You will have a fun weekend with family.

Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER THREE Born 3,12,21,30)

This week you will be inclined to be aggressive and short tempered which will lead to a lot of misunderstandings with family members. Your spouses’ health conditions will cause you a lot of anxiety as well. Make sure you consult an expert physician to avoid any risks. There are signs of you getting the opportunity to travel for pleasure to a destination of your dreams. Encourage your children where necessary.

Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER FOUR Born 4,13,22,31)

This week a visit from an unexpected guest is indicated on the cards for you. This will actually be a positive experience for your entire family as everyone comes together to enjoy and have fun. Read all documents carefully before you sign them to avoid being cheated. Children will bring you much joy and happiness mostly through success in studies. Travel for business is indicated for some of you this week.

Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER FIVE Born 5,14,23,)

This week will be brilliant for most of you as far as career is concerned. Some of you might even have to consider moving to some other city in light of an excellent professional opportunity. This will obviously involve some difficulties but do not give in to depression as this change is for the best. You may suffer from a few minor ailments though this is only temporary and you will soon recover.

Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER SIX Born 6,15,24)

This week you will get the best of your enemies who have been trying to harm you one way or another. They will pay the price of their deeds without you even having to do anything. The problems that you face professionally at the beginning of the week will all be resolved as the weekend approaches. The best way to counter everything is to stay calm and let things work out for themselves.

Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER SEVEN Born 7,16,25)

This week you will be very much preoccupied with the problems that come your way unexpectedly. You will have to work twice as hard to overcome these problems. There might be domestic quarrels at home so remain calm try not to get irritated with your family. Do not think about ending your marriage just now. Give it some more time and things might just work out. This is the right time to start a new business.

Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER EIGHT Born 8,17,26)

This week will see many changes taking place in your life and you might have to make some very important choices. These changes could be either a new job or it might be moving into a new house. This will lead to quite a bit of expense on your part as you will have to spend quite a lot on buying things for the house and on renovation. Some of you will get financial help from a female acquaintance. It might be your partner as well who might bail you out of this tricky situation.

Mon, Dec 05, 2022 – Mon, Dec 12, 2022

(NUMBER NINE Born 9,18,27)

This is a very positive week for you in almost all the spheres of your life. All the problems that had been plaguing you for the last few weeks will ultimately come to an end now. Your savings of the past will give you very handsome returns thus increasing your monetary worth. You will not be vulnerable and will tale decisions calmly and confidently. This will have a positive effect on your projects leading to success.

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