Unauthorized transactions in your account? Report immediately…

Increasing Cyber crimes cases –

India is being digitalizated and with this the cyber crimes are rising. Criminals often target banks where huge amount of money is easily flowing on daily basis .And when such Unauthorized transactions should be immediately reported to banks so that the appropriate actions are to be taken on time.

Customers Safety against Cybercrime –

The State Bank of India (SBI) has Recently warned it’s customers against the ongoing cyber frauds and has advised to report immediately to cybercrime in case there is an unusual activity in one’s account so it can be checked on time. Since customer’s are their utmost priority, SBI Chairman Dinesh Kumar Khara urged the customers to be aware of the same as the rates of cyber crimes are in rise.

How to report Unauthorized transactions –

In case if customer notice any kind of Unauthorized transaction, the toll-free number should be immediately called 18001-2-3-4, so that appropriate action can be taken in time and damage is undone.

SBI bank best at its services –

SBI bank has always worked for their customer’s betterment and provided services throughout. SBI offers various high-level services via their YONO app and other digital services which helps ease the transactions as well. The bank is very sensitive towards its customers and social responsibility and has always been at the forefront. Looking at the rise in Cybercrime cases, Mr. Khara urged people to look out for the bank if they found out any unauthorized transactions so that steps are being taken accordingly.

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