India Pushes for Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) Reforms at World Bank and IMF Annual Meeting


As Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman prepares for her participation in the annual meeting of the World Bank and the IMF in Marrakech, key discussions surround the progress on reforms for Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). MDB reforms have emerged as a top priority for India during its presidency. This article delves into the developments and India’s agenda as it advocates for changes in the global financial landscape.

Key Discussions and Agendas:

  1. G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting: The final meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors is scheduled in Morocco this week. India intends to push several crucial topics, including cryptocurrency regulation, debt restructuring for vulnerable countries, and reforms for MDBs.
  2. MDB Reforms and Capital Infusion: India is expected to advocate for more capital infusion into MDBs in the coming years. This aligns with the reform plan outlined by the independent expert group. The group’s second report, to be released soon, will contribute to discussions on restructuring MDBs.
  3. Broad-Based Support for Reform Ingredients: During preparatory discussions, there was widespread support for the reform ingredients, particularly the establishment of a platform for countries, project pipeline optimization, balance sheet enhancement, and attracting private capital. The objective is to ensure that MDBs collaborate effectively.

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Expert Group’s Role: Larry Summers and N. K. Singh, co-convenors of the independent expert group overseeing the reform plan, actively participated in the discussions. Their insights and recommendations have been instrumental in shaping the reform agenda.

MDBs Embrace Reforms: MDBs have been actively pursuing the “better, bolder, bigger” agenda, focusing on capital adequacy framework (CAF) reforms. Even MDBs initially hesitant, such as the World Bank, have now embraced CAF reforms. The emphasis is on coordinated approaches, callable capital, and preferred creditor status.

Climate Action and MDBs: The MDB Climate Leaders Group is a significant platform for cooperation on climate action. It is working on initiatives to enhance coordinated support for climate goals through country platforms, set to be announced before COP28.

World Bank’s Reform Plan: The World Bank is seeking approval from its board of governors for a comprehensive reform plan that goes beyond poverty reduction and shared prosperity. The plan aims to include climate action and global public goods on the agenda.

Initiatives by Other MDBs: Several MDBs have initiated reforms and measures. For instance, the African Development Bank is focusing on balance sheet optimization, hybrid capital, and recycling special drawing rights. The Asian Development Bank has announced steps to unlock $100 billion in new financing capacity over a decade. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is also pursuing reforms alongside a capital increase.


As India takes center stage at the World Bank and IMF annual meeting, its advocacy for MDB reforms reflects its commitment to reshape the global financial landscape. The discussions around cryptocurrency, debt restructuring, and capital infusion underscore the country’s determination to drive change and enhance the effectiveness of Multilateral Development Banks in addressing global challenges.

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