Hexafin Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Announces Tele Callers Day Celebration on February 1st

Recognizing the Heroes of Business, Hexafin Pays Gratitude to Tele Callers on a Special Day of Celebration

In a groundbreaking move, Hexafin Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. proudly announces the establishment of Tele Callers Day, a dedicated celebration to honor and appreciate the invaluable contributions of tele callers to the thriving tele calling and teleselling industry.

Pune, 1 Feb 2024: In a bold and visionary move, Hexafin Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., a stalwart in the financial solutions sector, has declared February 1st as Tele Callers Day, marking a significant milestone in recognizing the pivotal role played by tele callers in the success of businesses across India.

Sanjeev Kokru, Founder & Managing Director of Hexafin Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm for this unique celebration, stating, “After 25+ years in the selling business, I have witnessed the immense dedication and hard work put in by tele callers. They are the unsung heroes who tirelessly connect with customers, making a substantial impact on the growth of the tele calling industry. It’s high time we celebrate and acknowledge their pivotal role.”

Hexafin Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has been a beacon of trust and expertise in the financial sector, with a legacy spanning over 18 years. As a dedicated loan consultant and proud channel partner of 70+ banks and NBFCs, Hexafin has successfully served over 1 lakh satisfied customers, boasting an impressive 80% disbursal rate.

Tele Callers Day is not just a celebration; it is a testament to Hexafin’s commitment to recognizing the backbone of any successful company. Tele callers play a crucial role in connecting businesses with their customers, driving sales, and ensuring customer satisfaction. This day will serve as a platform to express gratitude and appreciation for their relentless efforts.

To mark the inaugural celebration of Tele Callers Day on February 1st, Hexafin Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has planned a series of events and activities. This includes special recognition of gifts, awards, training programs, and interactive sessions aimed at further empowering tele callers in their roles.

Sanjeev Kokru further added, “I believe that the tele calling industry has tremendous potential for growth, and our decision to celebrate Tele Callers Day is a step towards recognizing and nurturing this potential. We envision this day becoming an industry-wide celebration, with companies across India joining in to appreciate the dedicated tele callers who form the pillars of their organizations.”

Hexafin Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. invites fellow businesses, partners, and industry stakeholders to join in the celebration of Tele Callers Day and contribute towards making it an annual tradition. The company hopes that this initiative will not only boost the morale of tele callers but also create awareness about the significant impact they have on the success of businesses nationwide & worldwide.