EPF Scheme | How can family Members avail pension benefits after the death of a Pensioner..

EPF is a retirement saving Scheme offered by an employee provident fund organization ( EPFO). Under this scheme, a certain amount of money is deducted from the employee’s salary and added to the EPF account. A specific rate of interest is added to the PF account for the contribution towards the EPF scheme. According to EPF rules, 8.33 percent of the employer’s EPF contribution is diverted toward the EPS account. Only 3.67 percent of the employer’s contribution is added to the member’s provident fund account, along with the member’s contribution at the rate of 12 percent. In case of the death of EPF pensioner following are the details to draw the pension.

Documents that are required –

Documents required to avail of the pension are, Death Certificate of Pensioner, Copy of the Aadhar of the Beneficiaries, Bank Account Details (Original Cancelled Cheque or Attested Copy of the Bank Passbook) of the Beneficiaries, and Proof of Age- In the case of children.

Pension amount payable –

EPFO rules that the deceased’s children will receive an amount that is 75% of the monthly widow pension; there will be a minimum of ₹750 per month, each for two children at a time. The amount will be paid only till the time they are twenty-five years of age. Only in the case of disability, the pension will be paid lifelong.

The amount payable to the nominee –

The nominee for the pension may be the children, spouse, or parents. The pension amount is equal to that paid to the parents of the employee, after his death, if there is no family or nominee

If an employee dies while still in service –

In case, a member dies while in service, the widow or widower is entitled to a monthly pension of Rs 1000. The widow/widower will receive 50% of the employee’s pension, and, for minors, this amount is 25% of that received by the widow/widower (maximum two children, equal distribution among both).

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