How UPI created new records in December ?

In the world of technology everyone try to simple and easy way to pay. Due to new technology world becomes much closer. We all know technology makes our life easy and comfort

  1. What is UPI?
    UPI is unified payment interface with the help of UPI we can do cashless payment. With UPI code we can do payment within seconds and easy.
  2. UPI payment
    In December 2022 UPI hits new record 782 Cr value of these also touching new high 12.8 lack crore number of transactions is 7% higher than in November (8%).

3. Use of UPI
During October number is crossed 700 core first time and value also hit 12 lakh Cr. October was attributed by Indian Festivals Year on year value is increasing.

4.UPI apps
As UPI transactions increased mean while third party app experienced downtime operator said it happened due to heavy traffic.

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