Did you know which is the richest state of India by GDP in 2022? See which state is on the top..

The Asian continent is known to have the largest population in the world. India is the second most populous country in the world and ranks seventh by area size. India is known for its democracy. It is a multilingual and multi-ethnic society bound by national peace and progress. With about 28 states and 8 Union territories in India, most of these states have displayed immense strength in individual competitiveness. Also, some of these States in India that has done so well in their administrative competence and shown great resilience in management and development thereby qualifying, based on their fiscal capacity, as the richest States in the country. Here is the list of the top 10 richest states in the country.

  1. Maharashtra
    GDP – 28 lakh crore

Maharashtra is the richest state in India which contributes about 13% to the GDP of the country. Considering the economic and administrative base in Mumbai also projects the State as a frontline when it comes to economic stability and we’ll be above most of the other States in the country. It is fast rising as a haven for professional endeavors contributing to the economic growth of the country at large.

  1. Tamilnadu –
    GDP – 17 lakh crore

The State is one with one of the most commercial areas and multimillion investments. It is well organized with a stable State economy and infrastructural development. It is also notable for its strength and capacity in agriculture via its commercial farming projects and other Industries.

  1. Uttar Pradesh –
    GDP – 16.87 lakh crore

Uttar Pradesh consists of huge human capital developmental projects and economic revitalization schemes that kept producing quantum economic return and growth to the State. It is one of the biggest IT hubs in the country, focusing more on tech developmental projects that attract both local and foreign investments annually.

4 . Gujarat
GDP – 16.29 lakh crore

Gujarat is a well-known business hub with textile Industries thriving above average. It consists of large-scale businesses like vegetable oil, cement, and chemical products.

  1. Karnataka –
    GDP – 16.28 lakh crore

Karnataka ranks fifth on the list. This is owing to the fact that the state is richly blessed with arable lands that effectively produce good seeds. The State runs a well-diversified economy spreading across education, science, and technological research. It has well-renowned Institutions of higher learning as well as research Institutes. It is also referred to as the silicon valley of India for its exceptional regard for AI and scientific developmental projects.

  1. West Bengal
    GDP – 12 lakh crore

West Bengal is one of the cultural hubs of the country with a rich cultural heritage well harnessed and commercialized to foster its popularity and enhance economic growth through strategic planning and presentation. It is also renowned for literature but most notable is the area of business and industrial branch

  1. Rajasthan –
    GDP – 9.98 lakh crore

Rajasthan is called the home of cultural diversity. The economy of the State largely rests on the agricultural sector. The monumental agric project in Rajasthan is quite commendable as over 20 million hectares are duly cultivated while about 20 percent of the cultivated area is being irrigated. This is certainly no small-scale venture as it drives the State economy towards an enviable trajectory.

  1. Andhra Pradesh –
    GDP -9.71 lakh crore

Andhra Pradesh is one of the fastest-growing States in the country with massive investments across various sectors. It is engaged in sustainable development in areas of tourism, food and agro-based products, drugs, Pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. It also boasts of massive investment in the manufacturing of auto components, info-tech, and the textile industry.

9 . Telangana
GDP – 9.57 lakh crore

Telangana is a State that largely depends on agriculture to drive its economy however, it knows the best way to harness its strength and available resources to ensure a more viable economic system. It cultivates commercial quantities of rice, cotton, and maize.

10 . Madhyapradesh –
GDP – 9.37 lakh crore

Madhya Pradesh is called the heart of India. Most of its land space is forests and so it gets its revenue from forest products. The forest cover of the state is about 1.7 million hectares. It also ranks second on the list of largest producers of cement in the whole world in India. Thus it has its place in the top 10 richest states of the Indian economy.

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