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Cyber frauds –

Digitalization makes it very convenient for transactions to be made but as every coin has two sides the cons of digitalization include cyber fraud. After the pandemic cyber frauds have seen a sharp jump due to a steep rise in digital transactions. It is very important to have certain insurance for the protection of such cyber frauds and losses related to it.

What is a cyber Insurance policy?

Cyber insurance is a type of security that protects businesses and individuals from financial losses. Financial losses include various digital age threats such as malware attacks, phishing, identity theft, social media breach, etc. The downside of cyber insurance is that insurers always want to minimize risks, therefore potential customers are subjected to extensive evaluations of their security procedures before an insurer covers them.

Why is cyber Insurance important?

The loss, compromise, or theft of electronic data can hurt a business, including the loss of customers and revenue. Cyber liability coverage is important to protect businesses against the risk of cyber events, including those associated with terrorism. A cyber insurance policy can protect the enterprise against cyber events, including acts of cyber terrorism, and help with the remediation of security incidents.

What does cyber insurance cover?
Cyber insurance is a tool that secures losses due to cyber crimes. Besides legal fees and expenses, cyber insurance typically helps with Notifying customers about a data breach, Restoring the personal identities of affected customers, Recovering compromised data and
Repairing damaged computer systems. A cyber insurance policy helps an organization pay for any financial losses it may incur in the event of a cyberattack or data breach. It also helps them cover any costs related to the remediation process, such as paying for the investigation, crisis communication, legal services, and refunds to customers.

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